Oakland Roots sign on with Fair Trade soccer equipment provider, Senda Athletics to grow soccer for social good model

Oakland Roots is pleased to announce its partnership with Berkeley based Senda Athletics, a Fair Trade Certified soccer equipment provider committed to disrupting the traditional soccer business and equipment production model. According to Senda’s website (www.sendaathletics.com), “Senda was started with a clear goal: disrupt the industry by embracing Fair Trade, bringing back craftsmanship, promoting joyfully playing, and improving lives along the way.” Oakland Roots President and Director of Soccer Benno Nagel had this to say on the partnership, “We’re ecstatic to be working with Senda to grow the soccer for social good model both globally and specifically here in Oakland. We will be using Senda Balls for our Fall US Open Cup training and games, as well as in the Spring of 2019, but beyond that we are excited to work with Senda to grow the conversation about fair trade and find ways to further present Senda, and their amazing vision for a soccer business, to the Oakland community.”  


Senda Athletics is led by founder and CEO Santiago Halty, a pioneer in soccer Fair Trade who’s passion for soccer and belief in fair trade products have led him to positioning Senda Athletics as the pre-eminent fair trade soccer ball in the global market. “We believe in the mission to build a soccer team from the grassroots level. We are very excited to see Oakland Roots succeed in its mission to harness the beautiful game of soccer for social good and community development,” Santiago said about Oakland Roots Sports Club. 

Santiago Halty, CEO of Senda Athletics

Santiago Halty, CEO of Senda Athletics

“Santi is an amazing man, with a vision that extends well beyond what many would have said was possible even just 10 years ago,” said Nagel, “We’re just now starting to see the power and force that people around the world are generating in their demand to have consumer products which benefit local communities and most importantly, the workers who actually produce these products. Santi and Senda are a leader in this space and will only continue to increase their reach within both the US and global soccer market. We see Senda not just for the top quality products they offer but even more so for what we can do together to grow the conversation in Oakland around Fair trade goods.  And beyond that, we’re excited about how we can further inspire Oakland youth, who represent the future of our city and country, to develop future businesses and enterprises built around these basic human principles.” 

Per the scope of the partnership, Senda Athletics and Oakland Roots will partner on various community activations this year, including street soccer tournaments, community events, and free youth soccer clinics for underserved youth. Senda products and overall company information will also be available at those events as well as on game days at Oakland Roots men’s and women’s home games during the Spring of 2019. To learn more about Senda Athletics you can watch an inspiring video on their founding purpose by clicking here.

Please join us in welcoming Senda Athletics, Santiago Halty and his entire Senda team to the Oakland Roots family!

About Oakland Roots:

The Oakland Roots are a recently launched sports club in Oakland committed to bringing professional soccer to the Town.  More than just a club, more than just soccer.  Oakland Roots Sports Club, referred to as "Oakland Roots" seeks to harness the magic of Oakland and the beautiful game of soccer as a force for social good.  Whether on the field, in the stands or within the community, Oakland Roots will represent our wonderful city with passion, pride and commitment to all things Oakland. Player by player, fan by fan, resident by resident.  One day at a time, one game at a time; this is about Oakland first, always.  

For the Fall of 2018, Oakland Roots has entered its reserve side, Oakland Leopards, into the Fall Qualifying Rounds of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.  Stay tuned about our brand and club launch this and follow us online at www.oaklandrootssc.com as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

About Senda

Senda Athletics was created in 2010 with a vision to make the highest quality, ethically-made gear in the world, and build a movement that transforms the way people interact with the game. Senda combines best-in-class materials with unparalleled craftsmanship to produce high performance, durable goods. With Fair Trade Certification, Senda supports its producers through improved livelihoods and community development, while giving back 1% of all sales to nonprofit partners.